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Paedodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the care and management of children’s teeth. Also known as paediatric dentistry, it treats patients from birth until adolescence. Our experienced doctors are specialist in the field of  paediatric dentistry. They are also trained in the care and management of dental problems experienced by children with disabilities and special needs, and in the treatment of patients who suffer from traumatic oral injuries, such as fractured, displaced, or knocked out teeth as well as injury to the bones surrounding the teeth. We perform the following paedodontic procedures in our clinic:

  • Treatment for natal teeth.

  • Parental counselling for prevention dental caries.

  • Diet counselling.

  • Fluoride application.

  • Restoration of childhood caries

    • Sealant application.

    • Tooth colored restoration.

  • Pulp therapy for painful tooth (Baby Root Canal)

  • Pediatric dental crowns for badly broken-down tooth

    • Stainless steel.

    • Tooth colored.

  • Prevention & Correction of Oral Habits

    • Thumb sucking.

    • Tongue thrusting.

    • Lip sucking.

    • Nail biting.

    • Mouth breathing.

  • Space Management of premature extraction of deciduous tooth.

  • Myofunctional appliance for perioral muscle imbalance.

  • Preventive, interceptive and corrective Orthodontics.

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